Health Ability

Preventing Disability Discrimination in Health & Social Care

Mental Health-Ability

Mental Health issues can have serious implications for your work, family and social life.

Below are some useful Sussex websites, other websites and videos that cover alternative ways of recovering from a mental disorder.


You can email directly, who is the Lead for Mental Health-Ability.

Sussex Websites

More Sussex websites can be found on the Links page.

Other Websites

More UK & international websites can be found on the Links page.


More videos can be found under the Links section.

The Myth of the Chemical Cure

Psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff presents a Drug-centred approach to Psychiatric Meds.

Minimal Use of Anti-Psychotics

Journalist Robert Whitaker presents slides on the long term use of anti-psychotics.

Bad Pharma

Epidemiologist Ben Goldacre highlights how drug companies can mislead doctors who prescribe meds.

Doctor Who Hears Voices

Clinical Psychologist Rufus May in a documentary about his unorthodox approach to helping overcome Schizophrenia.

The Voices in my Head

Psychologist Eleanor Longden in a TED talk about the Voices in her head.

More Harm than Good

London conference of 18th Sept 2015, confronting the Psychiatric Medication Epidemic. There is also an Afternoon session.